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Every part of the UK is unique in it’s own way but what is unique about Falmouth? Falmouth has been an important port since records started, it is still an important and busy port today. It has had defences since Henry VIII had a blockhouse built to protect the port in 1539, these can still be seen today. It is also supposedly the 3rd largest natural port in the world.

Falmouth BayOver the years Falmouth has played an important part in both world wars including the D-Day landings. Falmouth has had it’s share of the action having been bombed twice and with several ships being claimed through U-Boat torpedoes or parachute mines.

Falmouth’s location as the first major port on the south coast, this side of the Atlantic, has also made it a refuge from bad weather. The bay is protected from the predominant south westerly winds which means diving is affected less. At the far southern tip of Falmouth Bay is the Manacles, a rocky outcrop that has claimed fifty ships that are known of. Some ships were re-floated but many remain.

Within this site you’ll find information about shore dives within Falmouth and boat dives within a reasonable travel distance of the Fal Estuary. Each site will be accompanied by basic dive information, pictures where available, You-Tube videos and any wrecks will have a brief history, if known.

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