Bay of Panama

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The Bay of Panama was described as one of the most beautiful ships of it’s day. During the blizzards of 1891, it was pushed onto the rocks near Nare Point. A local saw the wreck and his effort to tell the coastguard, is almost unbelievable. He went to Helston on his horse, to send a telegram to the coastguard in Falmouth. When he arrived, he found the wires were down. The weather was too bad to take his horse onto Falmouth, so he walked into the storms. Sometimes the winds were so strong, he had to crawl whilst snapping icicles off his eyelids. He eventually made it and the coastguard went to the rescue.

The Bay of Panama is a shallow dive, it commonly gets covered in sand, so can be impossible to find. When it is exposed it is a fascinating dive.

The diving:

  • Anytime, high water best but not essential
  • No current
  • Less than 9m
  • Wreck (well broken, sometimes buried)
  • Bay of Panama

Posted: June 19, 2014


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