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Hole in the Wall on Pendennis Headland is popular with locals, there’s lots of reasons why. It is basically the same dive as Silver Steps. The main difference is the entry point and it is a one way dive, rather than out and back.

Local features:

  • Lay-by parking only
  • Refreshment van – Ahoy cafe

The diving:

  • High water highly recommended
  • No current
  • Less than 12m
  • Reef
  • Wreck

Spread out in front of the rock is a nice sprawling reef with lots of gullies with sandy patches in between. Around high tide it shelves off quite quickly from the entry. There are two ‘Hole in the wall’ entry points. The old one is actually through a rock pool, the walk to it is not easy and should be looked at to make sure it is suitable for your group. From the rock pool, which looks part of the sea at higher tides, you can swim under an arch and out into the sea. The other entry point is directly in front of the far steps, a small gully that allows a giant stride entry, close to high water.

A maximum depth of around 11m can be achieved. One of the first gullies westwards from the rock pool entry, is quite narrow with a small cave at the end, it is very shallow but also very scenic. Buried within the gullies along the reef, westwards from the entry point, are the remains of five German WWI U-Boats, UB112UB86, UB97, UB128, UB106, as well as the remains of the steam tug, Alice. The usual exit point is up the Silver Steps.

  • Hole in the wall rock pool entry

Posted: March 5, 2016


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