UB106 U-Boat wreck

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UB106 is dive-able as a shore dive from Silver Steps Pendennis as well as the Hole in the Wall.

UB106 was one of seven U-Boats sent to Falmouth after WWI for explosive trials. Eventually hauled ashore by the naval personnel, all the U-Boats have been salvaged extensively over the years.

The diving:

  • Less than 7m
  • Wreck (well broken)

Covering an area approximately 5m by 50m, in a depth of no more than 9m, it is an interesting dive. It probably has some of the biggest pieces of U-Boat wreckage along Pendennis.

To read about the history of these U-Boats, see: Falmouth U-Boats the factual story.


Posted: November 27, 2018


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