UB97 U-Boat wreck

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UB97 is dive-able as a shore dive from Silver Steps Pendennis as well as the Hole in the Wall.

UB97 was one of seven U-Boats sent to Falmouth after WWI for explosive trials. Eventually hauled ashore by the naval personnel, all the U-Boats have been salvaged extensively over the years.

The diving:

  • Less than 7m
  • Wreck (well broken)

Covering an area approximately 5m by 50m, in a depth of no more than 9m, it is an interesting dive. It is probably the most salvaged of the submarines on Pendennis. What remains are pieces of U-Boats, from west to east you can find part of hydro-vane mechanism, piece of one of it’s electric drive motors, a hatch door, a keel weight, several large high pressure air cylinders and some frames from the bow section. There are more pieces lying around and under the sand, you never know what you may find. The pin location is on the Bow Frames, the wreck lies in the gullies to the west of this.

To read about the history of these U-Boats, see: Falmouth U-Boats the factual story.

  • UB97
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Posted: June 1, 2018


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